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It is a complement for your Hub / Lobby, which allows you to control and customize many functions of the server lobby in a powerful and free for all.


  • Copy the JAR file in the directory of plugins
  • Restart the server to install.
  • (Optional) Install the Plugin DeluxePlayerOptions To have many more options
  • And enjoy the plugin!.


Commands Permissions Info
/sl setspawn superlobby.admin Set the lobby spawn.
/sl remspawn superlobby.admin Remove spawn from lobby.
/sl reload superlobby.admin Reload the config.


Permissions Info
superlobby.use To use the plugin.
superlobby.admin To use administrative commands (/SL Reload, /SL remSpawn, /SL setSpawn).
superlobby.staff Used to bypass protection plugin.(BlockBreak,BlockPlace,DropItem,ItemMove, etc). To be able to use the menu. To use colors in the chat. To use matrix format in the chat