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SuperCredits It is a plugin that allows users to create a special, original currency and 100% personalisable for your server.


  • Copy the JAR file in the directory of plugins.
  • Restart the server to install.
  • And enjoy the plugin!.


Commands for users: Replace %cre% by you Custom command.

Commands Permisos Info
/%cre% help - ? supercredits.use Show the basic commands for this plugin!
/%cre% balance - bal - me supersredits.balance Checks yours balance.
/%cre% pay supersredits.pay Give some of your credits to another player.
/%cre% shop <name> supersredits.shop Opens the shop GUI menu.
/%cre% shops supersredits.shops Displays a list of available shops.

Command for administrators:

Commands Permisos Info
/supercredits help supersredits.admin Show the admin commands for this plugin!
/supercredits add <playername> <value> supersredits.admin Add credits to the user.
/supercredits set <playername> <value> supersredits.admin Set credits to the user.
/SuperCredits remove <playername> <value> supersredits.admin Remove credits to the user.
/SuperCredits reload - rl supersredits.admin Reload the configuration and messages file.


Permissions Info
supercredits.use To be able to use the plugin.
supersredits.balance To be able to use the balance command.
supersredits.pay To be able to use the pay command.
supersredits.shop To be able to use the shop command.
supersredits.shops To be able to use the shops command.
supersredits.admin To be able to use administrative commands.