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ReferralSystem is a plugin which allows players to invite others to gain an certain reward, this plugin is made to increase the popularity of your server.


  • Copy the JAR file in the directory of plugins.
  • Restart the server to install.
  • And enjoy the plugin!.


Commands Permisos Info
/referral help referral.use Show the basic commands for this plugin!
/referral info View your referral information.
/referral list referral.list View your referral list.
/referral code referral.code Generate your referral code!
/referral claim referral.claim Use this to claim rewards that you would get when someone has used your code.
/referral <numb> referral.use Use this to activate referral code!
/referral top It shows the best players with more referrals!
/referral addpoints <player> <value> referral.admin Adds points to a registered player in the database.
/referral reload referral.admin Reload the configuration and messages file.


Permissions Info
referral.use To be able to use the plugin. To be able to use the info command.
referral.list To be able to use the list command.
referral.code To be able to use the code command.
referral.claim To be able to use the claim command. To be able to use the top command.
referral.admin To be able to use administrative commands.